August 27th, 2010

Bicycle Lanes Becoming a Permanent Fixture in NYC

Recently, some cyclists in NYC were pleasantly surprised by the installation of protected bike lanes around the city.  Long sections of pavement were stripped and then refinished with a layer of smooth light green paint, completely off-limits to motor vehicles.  One of the most notable stretches is on Columbus Avenue between 96th and 77th, where new and old cyclists are sure to take advantage of their city’s newest endorsement of alternative transportation.

Of course, not everyone is pleased about these recent developments.  Many are of the opinion that the bicycle movement is getting out of control in Manhattan, as cyclists cruise along sidewalks, ride against the flow of traffic, and often lock up their bikes in undesignated spots.

Unfortunately for these skeptics, it seems unlikely that the trend will stop anytime soon.  With the number of cyclists having doubled in NYC over the past five years, it would appear that the Big Apple is moving in a particular direction, and isn’t looking back.

August 20th, 2010

Zigo Wins Kids Design Award in Japan!

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, along with the non-profit Kids Design Association are jointly promoting “kids design”, a design concept aimed at promoting children’s safety, security and healthy development and creating a living environment comfortable for families expecting or raising children.  The Kids Design Award is aimed at honoring designs that (1) contribute to children’s safety and security, (2) foster children’s creativity and bright future, and (3) are conducive to child bearing and rearing. In granting the award, the committee appreciated the novelty of the design of the Zigo Leader.

We are thrilled to receive this recognition,” explained Michal Ehrenreich, SOMA Cycle’s CEO. “The Zigo Leader is a global phenomenon, with units being sold in more than 20 countries. We congratulate our distributor in Japan for applying for and winning this award for the Leader. We feel that we really hit it on all three design points of the competition.”

The committee was optimistic that the charm and design of the Zigo could be a first step towards adapting sustainable infrastructure to meet the needs of future generations.  We are honored to receive this recognition and look forward to more Zigo updates to come from Japan.

August 12th, 2010

Rider Spotlight: Deborah Algario and Family

Deborah Algario, her triplets (Braedon, Austin, and Caysen) and her husband, Edgar, are Zigo enthusiasts to say the least.  We found their story on our Facebook page with a picture and comment they shared about their recent trip to Disneyland with their Zigo Leader.

She said:

“We used it as a stroller on that particular day. We got stopped a LOT and actually had people ask us if we could we hook it up to our bike. They were shocked when we showed/explained the system to them!
For some reason we also had other little kids trying to climb inside of it.”

Two of Deborah’s triplets have special needs, one being quadriplegic, but that doesn’t stop Deborah from taking them and their Zigo on amazing family outings.  Recently, the Algario family has gone cherry picking and to Sea World with their green Zigo ChildPod, not to mention frequent trips to the beach which is only two miles from their California home.  In fact, Deborah and Edgar have found a terrific way to transport all three of their children with just one Zigo Leader:

Deborah tells us that she wishes she had Zigo business cards readily available since she has so many parents approaching her with questions about her Zigo Leader.  When Deborah and family aren’t busy out riding their Zigo, or talking about their Zigo, they ARE busy blogging about trips and outings with their Zigo.

Please check out the Algario blog:

Once again, we’d like to extend a big thanks to Deborah, Edgar, Austin, Braedon, and Caysen for supporting Zigo and promoting a healthy, outdoor, family lifestyle for all.

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