Thursday, November 11th, 2010...8:58 am

Zigo Adds New Dealers

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Zigo has added a number of new dealers over the past few months. It seems that there is a growing interest in the United States in carrier bike products like the Zigo Leader. Whether it is dutch cargo bikes, traditional bakfiets (bakfietsen plural), or the new poorly named category of stroller bikes, bike strollers, or strollercycles, dealers are taking notice.

Zigo has added REI to its growing list of dealer. The Zigo Leader Carrier Bike is available on the REI website for delivery to any of their more than 100 stores. It is also on the sales floor in their Seattle, Denver, and Bloomington locations.

We also welcome recent new dealers: VanCycle (Vancouver, Canada); AlternaBike (Solana Beach, CA); Shower Me With Love (Charlotte, NC); Practical Cycle (Sacramento, CA); NY Baby (Staten Island, NY); and Earth Cycles (Santa Cruz, CA).

We are encouraged by this growth, as well as our new distributors in Poland, Sweden, and Czech Republic. The Zigo phenomenon continues to grow.

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