Friday, August 27th, 2010...12:10 pm

Bicycle Lanes Becoming a Permanent Fixture in NYC

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Recently, some cyclists in NYC were pleasantly surprised by the installation of protected bike lanes around the city.  Long sections of pavement were stripped and then refinished with a layer of smooth light green paint, completely off-limits to motor vehicles.  One of the most notable stretches is on Columbus Avenue between 96th and 77th, where new and old cyclists are sure to take advantage of their city’s newest endorsement of alternative transportation.

Of course, not everyone is pleased about these recent developments.  Many are of the opinion that the bicycle movement is getting out of control in Manhattan, as cyclists cruise along sidewalks, ride against the flow of traffic, and often lock up their bikes in undesignated spots.

Unfortunately for these skeptics, it seems unlikely that the trend will stop anytime soon.  With the number of cyclists having doubled in NYC over the past five years, it would appear that the Big Apple is moving in a particular direction, and isn’t looking back.

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