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Zigo at Bikes Not Bombs

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Saturday, June 19, I started driving from New Jersey up to Boston so I could represent Zigo at the Bikes not Bombs Bike-A-Thon in Jamaica Plains the following day.  One of our dealers, Ferris Wheels, of Boston, would be in attendance and we enjoy supporting our dealers any way we can.  I was lucky enough to stay with a few college friends living in South Boston and thankfully managed to recruit two lady friends to assist me the next day with promoting for the company.

Sunday, after breakfast, we headed to the event location.  It was in a green, open park with bikers and environmental enthusiasts everywhere.  When we arrived, there was live music playing from a classical string quartet.  Their music often sounded beautiful, yet sad, as it seemed to focus on the negative impact that the overuse of fossil fuels is inflicting on the earth.  Afterwards, the mood livened with a large steel drum band playing authentic music of Senegal.

Ferris Wheels had set up two tents and I was quickly becoming excited about discussing Zigo with such a passionate assortment of people.  I had my two lovely friends stand beside in Zigo t-shirts and hand out flyers.  We were glad to encounter a very warm reception and a great deal of attention from everyone.  We rode around in the grass and on the streets, talking to families and couples who all seemed very interested.  Overall, the event turned out to be the organizations most successful Bike-A-Thon yet!

I stayed in South Boston one more night and again, asked for my friend’s assistance to take photographs and continue to promote around the city.  We mainly stuck to the green areas in and around Boston Common and Boston Public Gardens.  As we rode together, snapping photos, we were continually stopped by park-goers sitting on benches or tossing Frisbees who wanted to know more about the interesting bicycles we were riding.  It was refreshing for me to realize that Zigo has potential markets in cities all over the country.  What a great experience to be able to venture outside of New York City and be a part of spreading the Zigo brand to other progressive locations around the US.

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