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Zigo Rider Spotlight: José of Kessel, Belgium!

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Zigo Leader Carrier Bike Jogger Trailer Stroller in Belgium

I am José, mother of 3 lovely daughters and grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren and together with my husband Walter I live in Kessel, a quiet, forgotten place somewhere in Flanders, Belgium.

When I saw the Zigo Leader for the first time in an advertisement, I immediately was convinced that this was the solution for me and my grandchildren. During the school vacations in summertime they mostly stay here while their parents are out for work, so I spend lots of time with them but that’s not always easy!

They’ re too young for long walks, I don’t like traditional trailers because you can’t see what is happening behind you, in a stroller they get nervous after a time and you can’t take them every day to the zoo!

So my husband immediately contacted the local dealer for an appointment. I must say that my first testride was not a great succes, but I could live with the encouraging words of the dealer : just a few training-sessions and you’ll be surprised! We made lots of trips last summer and enjoyed every minute so much! Sometimes the kids wouldn’t get out of the ChildPod.

Meanwile we moved to another place much nearer to our 2 married daughters. The result of this means that we have now much more time to spend with them and with the grandchildren …….in the Zigo’s!

I got a splendid idea for the daughters’ new year present : we bought for both of them a Zigo Leader! So now we Zigo with 6 : myself, our 2 daughters Leen and Nele, and the 3 grandchildren Floor, Katoo and Rube!
Zigo Leader Carrier Bike jogger trailer stroller in Belgium
And there is even more! We recently became members of the Belgian Zigo Leader Fanclub, raised by our dealer Freddy from Fietsen Jansegers. Next summer this club (for only Zigo owners) plans a Zigo- family day : we first do a 10 mile trip somewhere in a nice neighboorhood in Flanders and at the end there is a BBQ.

So, aren’t these reasons enough to name us a Zigo-family now?

Best regards,

If you are in Belgium, Luxembourg, or the Netherlands and interested in test riding a Zigo Leader, please contact Zigo-Benelux for more information!

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