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Zigo Rider of the Month: Kaori!

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Many people have called and asked about where to find a Zigo Leader, how can I try one out, etc etc. We do our best to direct these inquiries into the hands of an Authorized Zigo Dealer. Other times we use these inquiries to reach out and bring new dealers into the Zigo family. Yet in the rare occasion that these strategies fail us, Marc, our North American Sales Director, steps up to the plate to ensure customer satisfaction.

In one instance this past summer, we received an inquiry from Kaori in Philadelphia. After following through our standard procedures, Marc and Kaori made plans to meet for a demo ride. Their meeting occurred halfway between Philadelphia and Zigo HQ in Orange, NJ, which is 20 miles directly west of New York City.

From the get go, Kaori was more than enthusiastic. Enthusiastic enough to drive an hour for a demo, enthusiastic enough to drive another two hours to pick up a fresh Leader from Zigo HQ, enthusiastic enough to become our very first Zigo Rider of the Month!

I met Kaori and her family very briefly at Zigo HQ, and I would describe her as savvy. As I taught her how to use her new Zigo Leader, I noticed that she was unintimidated by Zigo’s mechanics and very quick to learn. She also told me she introduced Bugaboo to her circle of friends three years ago. Today, she has introduced another first not only to her friends, but to the city of Philadelphia!

As such, we are kicking off our Zigo Rider of the Month program with words from our first Rider of the Month, Kaori!

Zigo in Center City, Philadelphia

“My husband and I live in Center City, Philadelphia with our two children, a three year old boy and a one year old girl. I’ve been living in the States most of my adult life but I am originally from Tokyo where bicycles are an essential part of a family’s life with young children.

I load up both of my kids on Zigo in the morning to take my son to school. I enjoy getting positive comments en route from fellow bike riders, stroller pushing moms and even drivers, too. There’s always a new discovery on our way back along the Schuylkill River trail. It is nice to be able to talk with my son about what we see ahead i.e. trees, boats, trains through the peek window.

Strapping down two active kids in car seats was not a favorite part of the morning routine and traffic used to drive me crazy but now I can zoom by car commuters in the bike lane with my Zigo. It feels right and it feels great.

I can even leave a sleepy baby in the stroller with her grandma and take the bike to work across town. I just cannot say enough good things about Zigo. I hope more and more people discover Zigo and the joy of bike riding through the city with kids.”

Zigo in Center City, Philadelphia
Zigo in Center City, Philadelphia

Photo credit: Vincent Feldman

To be a Zigo Rider of the Month, please email with photographs and a testimonial on how Zigo has impacted your life.

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