December 14th, 2010

Zigo Rider Spotlight: Astrid, from El Cerrito, California!

To be in the next Zigo Rider Spotlight (and receive free t-shirts, accessories, and other fun items), please email with photographs and a testimonial on how Zigo has impacted your life! Here is how Astrid Zigos:

“I’m 39 yrs old and have 2 kids, ages 4 and 6. I grew up in Germany and Sweden,and moved to the States eight years ago. We live in El Cerrito, CA and pretty much decided which neighbourhood to settle in with the thought of how convenient it is for cycling. About 1 1/2 yrs ago my husband decided to get a bakfiets to use as our main family bike. Before that we had just had the usual kind of biketrailer but the kids were very unhappy in the back there behind me, so we found a used bakfiets. Now, I am not a very tall person and the dutch bakfiets is a very heavy bike, so I, for my part, did not feel very comfortable maneuvering it around more than necessary.

100_0534 (1)

Then one day I was browsing Craigslist and someone close by had a new Zigo for sale. I guess they moved and she just wasn’t able to use it as planned, so I snapped it up right away! Now, I use my Zigo pretty much everyday….as you can see from the pictures, it’s not only my bike…it’s part of me, my every day life, and it’s a way to express myself and have fun with it. I am very fit thanks to my Zigo and wish and hope to inspire people to get up on their bikes…look what’s out there and feel better…

For me, it’s my “drop off at school, take me to the gym, I need to go grocery shopping, let’s go to the library or the pool, mama don’t forget gymnastics, I get fresh air, and a free workout every day, bike!”

People stare at me, they take pictures of the bike, stop me to ask questions, or just comment almost every day. I love that it has 3 wheels and that makes it feel very stable. I have the raincover with me and it,s so easy to put it up as soon as it starts raining.

I have my rain gear in my pannier bags, so no rain will stop me from using my Zigo. Our dream is to maybe someday take our two diffrent cargo bikes cross country, kind of like a road trip!”

100_0530 (1)

Thank you Astrid!!

November 11th, 2010

Zigo Adds New Dealers

Zigo has added a number of new dealers over the past few months. It seems that there is a growing interest in the United States in carrier bike products like the Zigo Leader. Whether it is dutch cargo bikes, traditional bakfiets (bakfietsen plural), or the new poorly named category of stroller bikes, bike strollers, or strollercycles, dealers are taking notice.

Zigo has added REI to its growing list of dealer. The Zigo Leader Carrier Bike is available on the REI website for delivery to any of their more than 100 stores. It is also on the sales floor in their Seattle, Denver, and Bloomington locations.

We also welcome recent new dealers: VanCycle (Vancouver, Canada); AlternaBike (Solana Beach, CA); Shower Me With Love (Charlotte, NC); Practical Cycle (Sacramento, CA); NY Baby (Staten Island, NY); and Earth Cycles (Santa Cruz, CA).

We are encouraged by this growth, as well as our new distributors in Poland, Sweden, and Czech Republic. The Zigo phenomenon continues to grow.

September 13th, 2010

On the Cover!

Zigo in Momentum Magazine

The Zigo team is pleased to announce that the Zigo Leader has been featured as the cover story in the latest edition of Momentum Magazine.  “The Magazine for Self-Propelled People” features a wide variety of bicycle designs and green interest pieces from all over the world.  It is quite an honor to be one of the standout products among so many ingenious designs.  Our reviewer even gave us 5 stars for both style and quality/durability!  Zigo and SOMA Cycle are grateful to all our enthusiastic customers and dealers who have helped make the Zigo Leader an international success.  We look forward to more encouraging press and rave reviews to come!

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